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Hello, I'm Matthew Boyd and I'm an Authorised Distributor for the Utility Warehouse Discount Club. This site will show you how the Utility Warehouse business opportunity can help create the life of your dreams, bringing an end to your financial worries and pension concerns...

Become an Independent Distributor. Earn an income which could change your life... by becoming an Independent Distributor (ID), gathering your own personal customers and introducing new Distributors into the business as well. The cost is just £100 and you can qualify for Fast Start Bonus payments of up to £1,000 within your first year!

As an ID you also earn a Customer Gathering Bonus of up to £50 for every new customer, and a regular monthly income based on how much your customers spend on the services we provide to them.

When you build a team, you earn a percentage of the money their customers spend as well; and you can earn substantial bonuses as your team grows.

Click here to view the Utility Warehouse's exciting 3 minute presentation and to request more information

The Utility Warehouses's unique support and training programme, the College of Excellence, includes online modules and friendly classroom-style training sessions. You'll receive a comprehensive package of manuals and marketing materials, providing everything you need to start building your own successful business with the Utility Warehouse.

Please visit the short 3 minute presentation here or contact me direct via the following and I shall endeavour to answer any questions:

Email - matthew.boyd@uwclub.net
Mobile or Text - 07434 601484


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The Utility Warehouse provides over 500,000 customers throughout the UK with substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas, electricity and non-geographic numbers.

The Utility Warehouse is very different to other suppliers. They don’t have any high street shops and because (unlike their competitors) they don’t spend customers’ money on expensive advertising campaigns on TV or in the national press, they can afford to charge their customers less for the same services.


As a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, you SAVE...

  • Single supplier for all your utilities
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Value that's unbeatable
  • Easy to switch

Get in touch now to arrange an appointment, to chat about the services or visit my website for more information -

Website - www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/rury
Email - matthew.boyd@uwclub.net
Skype - matthew.uw
Mobile or Text - 07434 601484


The Utility Warehouse has recently launched their new website Join the Club which has a very easy to sign up step by step guide and everything is explained in one simple to understand video.
Click through to Join the Club now!


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Helping you Save Money on Gas, Electricity, Phone, Broadband and Mobiles for Home and Business.

Earn Money with your own Utility Warehouse Discount Club Business

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